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Projects submitted for Hack Kosice Marathon

This page contains the portfolio of all projects submitted to the Hack Kosice Marathon competition.

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Challenge 1: Sudolabs

Optimising the process of ordering lunch. See the challenge description.

Team MechaHU Challenge Winner Top 3
Discord Bot order assistant

Collects preferences via direct messages, finds the optimal compromise and lists the restaurants meeting your expectations the most

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Team Protagonists Top 3
TeamOrder App

Team leaders can easily manage food orders of the whole team with weekly lunch schedules helping decide where to order from

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Team Dynamic Duo Top 3
Web App Bon Appétit

Choose your favourite food, get a recipe or place an order and use a schedule reminder system to store the weekly plan

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Team POLSLdreamteam Public Voting Winner
Web App Foodbook

Connects a food delivery app and social media – see friends’ photos of meals linked to the original restaurants to easily order

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Team SUDO is bLoAt

Chooses the responsible person to order food from the most voted restaurant in the most overlaps of the voted time ranges

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Team 42

Collects information such as place and time of the order from the team members and makes a list of orders for the responsible person

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Team Prv
Web App Direct Food Order

A team adds favourite restaurants and set the best time to eat so members can make an order where they fill who is ordering which food

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Team M0nk3S
Web App Supper

Share a link with your team, vote who orders and from which restaurant the person orders, and choose what you want to eat – simple as this

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Web Application

Random solution chooses responsible person, nearby place and time of the food order for you, non-random one provides you 20 nearby restaurants

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Team Lorem Ipsum
Lunch Assistant Discord Bot

Team members choose a restaurant and a dish to place an order, for which is responsible the daily chef - a volunteer or a randomly chosen one

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Team Just Us
Website Food Ordering Service

Create an account to easily place an order of your favourite meal via this website – food and restaurant preferences of yours and your team also included

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Team Never Gonna Give You Up
Website Foodie

Choose time and a restaurant and let the system pick someone from a group responsible for ordering and come up with an ideal solution

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Challenge 2: Visma

Workplace of the future. See the challenge description.

Team SUDO is bLoAt Top 3

Communicate more effectively with all services at one place - public folder accessible by anyone, chat or calendar for easy meeting sharing.

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Team MechaHU Top 3
Augmented Reality Office

Hybrid office system - schedule your time in the office when needed, otherwise, start calls easily with the avatars in the virtual office rooms.

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Team 42 Top 3
Modern Workspace

Track your work or assign people with canban, schedule your office and home-office time with calendar and order meal with order assistant.

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Team Dynamic Duo Public Voting Winner
Workplace of the future

Using platforms like discord for communication, an algorithm for predicting the number of people in the office and a voucher-awarding system.

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Team JustUs
Office calculator

Our calculator will help you calculate the most optimal office space needed for hybrid workplaces

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Team Never Gonna Give You Up
Project WNTWNP

A Discord bot used for creating the most effective home-office environment

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Team Protagonists
Digital CoWorkers

Helps, inform and take care of workers during remote work - introducing to the collective, organizing time, boosting mood or advising.

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Team M0nk3S

Platform where workers and employers cooperate and share information in one place and effectively, while minimizing office space

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